Frequently asked questions

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What is Voiceover Studio Finder all about?

if you have a studio and want to earn extra money, then create a free listing.

Can anyone sign up?

Yes. Anyone with a studio and hires it out for voiceover services.

Why is it free?

Why not? If you would like to go 'Premium' then we can offer you more.

Who is using it?

Voiceovers that take a holiday/vacation may need access to a nearby studio.

Can I add my social media links?

Yes, of course. With the Premium account you can add more of them.

What should I put on my profile?

A brief description for your heading and then some specifics in your long description.

Why is there a character limit to the short description?

This is also your meta description, so it has great SEO benefits on search engines

What should I add to my description?

Give some details of what you offer. Including useful services like directing, editing etc.

Will the site evolve?

Yes, we have lots of ideas for future updates

What can I do with messages?

Get in touch with admin quickly or message other users without giving your email

What is Verified?

Verified is for studio profiles that meet our criteria, (see verified page for details)

What if my user name is taken?

If you believe someone has it maliciously, then please let us know.

What happens if I change my username?

The old one will go back into the public domain for some one else to claim

What happens if someone has maliciously taken a user name?

We monitor the site and won't tolerate inactive or spam accounts

Do I have to display all my details?

No, you choose how much or little you want to add to your profile

What is my username?

This will be your own personal Studio Finder link. ie.

What are connections?

These are the ways studios can connect to clients. If you have them, list them.

Can I suggest other studios to sign up?

Hell yeah! If they also have great a great set up then we'd love them to join.

Why do you need a phone number?

We don't. But some studios might want to show it to get in touch easier.

Contact the studio?

Any messages go direct to your email supplied. (not via the site)

Do you verify anyone with a paid membership?

We aim that Verification will protect professional Voiceovers. If no indication either through quality of work or lack of own website that a user is not professional, we can't verify the account.

Do I have to show my address?

No. You have total control. Show & hide what you want.

Do I need to show my rates?

Not at all. You decide what you want to show on your profile.

Can we suggest ideas?

Yes please. We want this to be your site too. Message us or use contact us.

Why are some options greyed out?

Upgrade to a premium account to unlock EVERYTHING.